Monday, December 28, 2009

Wade Steigmeyer (R.I.P.)
We added "Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)", and an unmastered remix of "My Will Be Done", to listen to over at our page. We also added the ability to download "29" for free over there.
The remix of "My Will Be Done" was the first one that Wade Steigmeyer, the engineer who worked with us on HELM did. We were going to work up a full remixed version of SEAMSAN OVER. with Wade behind the desk, but suddenly, and shockingly, Wade passed away a few months ago. He was a very talented young (mid-20s) engineer, and a very good person to work with as well, which is of course a very hard combo to find. 9E extends our thoughts to any who knew him. It is very surreal to think that HELM will be one of the only credits, on what should have been a long career discography for Wade. You will be missed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

supplement to F.A.Q.s
We have been asked about style shifts/when they happened. We wanted to post when the songs we have played first came out/were written. This includes all the songs 9E has ever played live -
Before 9E started - (2001 or before) Search (Seamsan Over.) Jade Madison (unreleased) Temples of Solomon (Seamsan Over.) Silent Bride (Seamsan Over.) Gailleann (Seamsan Over.) tribalsong (Seamsan Over.) My Will Be Done (Seamsan Over.) Delusions of Failure (unreleased) In the Fog (Seamsan Over.) Embolis (longform) (M T Space)
Early Nine Even (2002-2006) SKRape (Seamsan Over.) Terra Firma (Seamsan Over.) sus (unreleased) Gone, Compromise (Seamsan Over.) 29 (Helm) Old (unreleased) Halopaint (unreleased) My Closure (M T Space) Friend of a Friend (Seamsan Over.) Hidden Sea Cure:A Tea (M T Space) Phobialairs (Helm) KcarKcrash (unreleased) Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer) (Helm) Questions (Seamsan Over.)
Seamsan Over. (2007-2008) Bumblebea (Seamsan Over.) Al.Most.Fa.Mous. (Seamsan Over.) One Hundred Percent (unreleased) The Guessing Game (Helm)
There are plenty more songs, but like we said, these are the only ones we have played live up until now.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Further F.A.Q.s - 1
Q - Band members favorite songs to play live -
Jake - "Search"/"29" Chris - "The Guessing Game"/"In the Fog" Mike - "The Guessing Game"/"My Will Be Done" Jason - "SKRape"/"Al.Most.Fa.Mous."
Q - What does the name NINE EVEN actually mean? A - It can mean many things. 9 is the number of circles, hence the logo with the circle, and a box in the middle. It means that once you break out of the box, you see the circle that remains outside of it. The even part came as a sort of contradiction. Like much of 9E's music, you can get mixed messages concerning subject matter (happy/sad, uplifting/tragic). At least that's one of the stories..........
Q- Who is Zazu? A - Zazu is the 9E Lead Roadie, known to his friends, and the California legal system as Dave Lynch (no, not the director, or the guitar repairman superman of Nor Cal).
Q - Who is the drummer in 9E? I have seen you guys several times, and there has been several faces behind the set? A - 9E has had many faces sitting on the drumthrone in our history. Depending on when you saw us it was one of these people - Ryan Kile, Jason Karstens, Brandon McCullough, Aaron Odell, Kevin McTamany(Seamsan Over.),Cameron English, Bob McClain (Helm), Scott Garrett. There are many stories on all of these talented people, and what brought them in and out of 9E. Most were drummers who were just filling in for a short period/recording for us.
Q - What is 9E's current status? A - 9E is planning/fixing/doing many things right now behind the scenes. We have a lot of material we want to release in the near future, as well as a remixed version of our 1st album "Seamsan Over.", and the vinyl version of "Helm". The next thing people should expect in 2010 is probably a digital single, and a collection of instrumental material full of crazy and moody soundscapes. Another 9 song full length will happen at some point, probably closer to the end of next year. We have been busy over the last 2 years, and several members of the band have some things they want to spend some time with before we hit the live circuit again. We enjoy playing live to everyone who has seen us, and we can't wait to do it again.
Q - What is that crazy laughing sound in the middle of "My Will Be Done"? A - It is a circuit-bent Tickle Me Elmo, that the engineer Adam Myatt had in the studio. For more info on this, check out the blog about "My Will Be Done" in our older blog posts.
Q - I heard (fill song name in here) live at one of your shows, but it isn't on the albums? Where can I get it? A - Depends on the song. Several songs we have played in the distant past still have to be released - sus, Old, KcarKcrash, Jade Madison, Halopaint, Delusions of Failure, One Hundred Percent are all in this category. The live version we played on the last tour of "My Closure" is a live rearrangement of the loop/effect heavy MT Space version of the song. We also did a cover for a short time of a Radiohead song named "Climbing Up the Walls". Other then this kinds of things, we have only rarely done another cover, but we have done many snippet/teases of other songs here and there. Check our setlists if you didn't know the song cause we like to give credit where credit is due.
Q - What albums have you officially released? A - "Seamsan Over.", "MT Space", "Helm". All available all over the internet including iTunes and all the other usual places.
Thank you and keep the questions coming!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

9E F.A.Q.s
Due to the INSANE amount times of we have gotten asked these questions (Serious/Sarcastic/somewhere between scary and sad) -
Yes it is Nine (9) E V E N. No connection to nineeleven or 911.
Yes we are aware that 9 is not an even number, and no that does not have a connection to why we chose it as a name.
Yes we do know that one of the e's in our logo is backwards.
Thank you for asking,

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Favorite Albums 2009
Here are my favorite albums from 2009 -
1- "No Line on the Horizon" - U2 - standout tracks - No Line on the Horizon/Moment of Surrender/Magnificent/Unknown Caller
2 - "The Resistence" - Muse - standout tracks - Guiding Light/Undisclosed Desires/Resistence/Unnatural Selection/I Belong to You
3 - "The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion" - dredg - standout tracks - I Don't Know/Ireland/Information
4 - "Daisy" - Brand New - standout tracks - Gasoline/Bought a Bride/You Stole
5 - "Backspacer" - Pearl Jam - standout tracks - The Fixer/Got Some
6 - "Octahedron" - The Mars Volta - standout tracks - Halo of Nembutals/Since We've Been Wrong
7 - "Black Gives Way to Blue" - Alice in Chains - standout track - A Looking in View
8 - "Wavering Radiant" - ISIS
9 - "Crack the Skye" - Mastodon
Honorable Mention - Porcupine Tree - The Incident (not my fav PT album, but a good one none the less)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ancient setlist unearthed (07?/2002)
This was the set we played the first time we played the Boardwalk (some time in July I think 2002).
My Will Be Done/SKRape/Temples of Solomon/Halopaint/Search/Gone, Compromise
Just found the setlist in a box. Memories....

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

happy holidays
Happy Holidays to everyone from 9E
We are not planning any live shows in the near future, but we are working on a LOT of recording. We plan to release a few singles, and a EP of more spacey/instrumental stuff along the span of the next year. Another 9 song album in March 2011.
We have gotten great responses so far to our latest offering "Helm". People seem to be digging this concise look at 9E. Our "MT Space" EP is also getting quite a few hits online for those among you that like that sort of thing. Please continue to send us your reviews (or post them on iTunes or another site).
Thanks again for supporting 9E, and we hope to see you again soon, with a satchel of surprises under our trench coats....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seamsan Over. is circulating over at Performer mag
Our 1st album "Seamsan Over." is currently in rotation at the offices over at Performer magazine. Here's a link
Let's see if we can apply enough pressure over there to maybe get a little review...

Monday, October 05, 2009

10/3 setlist in Federal Heights, CO
The show got moved back to Sidekicks in Federal Heights. It was a great show, and we hope to see everybody again soon
Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease)/The Guessing Game/My Closure/29/Phobialairs/Search w/"The Only Time" by Nine Inch Nails tease/Gone, Compromise/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./SKRape/Temples of Solomon

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Chicago 10/1 setlist
Gailleann/Gone, Compromise/The Guessing Game/My Closure/Phobialairs/Search w/"What Do I Have To Do" tease by Stabbing Westward/29/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/In the Fog/SKRape
Thanks again to Reggie's, Elle, and all the other people who helped make this Chicago trip so awesome

Monday, September 28, 2009

9/28 setlist in Brooklyn, NY
Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease)/The Guessing Game/My Closure/29/Phobialairs/Search/Gone, Compromise/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/SKRape

Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/27 setlist New York
The Guessing Game/Search/Gone, Compromise/SKRape/Temples of Solomon/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Gailleann/Bumblebea/Friend of a Friend

Sunday, September 27, 2009

9/26 set @ Buffalo NY
Silent Bride/SKRape/Search w/"Degausser" tease by Brand New/Gone, Compromise/29/Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease)/The Guessing Game/My Closure/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./Temples of Solomon
Thanks to Club Diablo for a great show, we hope to see you again soon,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

9/23 setlist in Columbus OH
Silent Bride/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Gailleann/Gone, Compromise/29/Phobialairs/Search/The Guessing Game/My Closure/Terra Firma

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
"Helm" is live on iTunes now
Check it out on iTunes for your downloading pleasure!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

9/19 setlist @ Dawg Pound Tavern
Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease)/The Guessing Game/My Closure/Search w/"Down in It" tease by Nine Inch Nails/Gone, Compromise/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./SKRape/Temples of Solomon
Thanks to everyone who came out, worked the show, and special thanks to Melissa, and that one girl...

Friday, September 18, 2009
9/17 setlist @ Cheers Vacaville
29/Phobialairs/Search/Gone, Compromise/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/In the Fog/SKRape
Thanks to Cheers, and everyone there.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"Helm" track x track part 1
"Phobialairs" (2004)
is a mash up of The Cure, A Perfect Circle, the Secret Machines, and living in Citrus Heights as a non-gelatinous being during the late '90s in a daze of romantic denial. I wrote the music in a short burst of songwriting creativity along with "Fate's Freedom", "Last Day She Saw", "KcarKcrash", "The Man on the Door", and several others as well. Much like "Gailleann" it was written in less time then it takes to actually play.
"The Guessing Game" (2008)
was written after meeting a young man who's words greatly mirrored Chris' prior to his exile in Germany/ex-marriage. The riff I had laying around before that, but the meeting/mocking of said emo-romantic bravado cauterized the song into being. It's original infulence was Origin of Symmetry era Muse, Angel Dust era Faith No More, AEnima era tool, and Zeitgeist era Smashing Pumpkins, but the song has been compared to Rush/The Mars Volta/Radiohead by other band members. Anyway you cut it, the song Rawks live, and Mike did a great job with the solo.
"Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)" (2009)
is an extension of trying to do other versions of "SKRape". This is the Interpol version. The lyrics I wrote about a girl who I briefly tried filling the hole with, something I do not recommend to anyone. Chris' altered the lyric a little ("stay" was "stain") to make it go another, more straightforward direction. Matt, Wade, and Adam "Talbert" make guests appearances as additional radio voices for the 5.1 mix.
"29" (2001)
has gone through many versions over the years. It started as an acoustic song, with lots of spacey ambiance, became a straight forward distortion rocker, went into electronic land mode, and came back to mix all into one. 2 of the greatest bands ever had a hand in bringing this song to me, the Smashing Pumpkins firstly, and also Radiohead. Chris again altered a word ("turn" was "tear" in my original) to give a less violent spin on things. The leads I tracked were written the night before we tracked them in RadioStar, and seem to fit like they were always there for me. This marked the 1st time I have ever been happy with the tracking of my Fernandes Native (used for the distant Sustainer-pickup induced Ebowlike tracks), and one of my favorite ever recorded tones of my modded Satin Strat into my Diezal VH4.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Helm available on CDBaby
Our new EP is available on
It will shortly be available on iTunes/etc, and is also available at our live shows.
Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fire Escape 9/12 Setlist
Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease)/The Guessing Game/My Closure/Phobialairs/Search including "Jesus" tease from Brand New/Gone, Compromise/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/In the Fog/Al.Most.Fa.Mous.
our set was cut down, we were originally going to play 3 more.
Thanks to everyone who came out

Thursday, September 03, 2009

9/3 setlist @ Hot Topic in Chico CA
In the Fog/The Guessing Game/My Closure/Questions/Bumblebea/Gailleann/Search/29

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tour Dates
We are continuing to adjust the upcoming tour dates as more info comes in. Keep checking back for more.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

8/22 setlist Orangevale CA
Phobialairs/Search/Gone, Compromise/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/SKRape
Thanks to all the people who came out, and waited for us! We are very grateful. See you soon,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Helm has arrived
We have received the CD copies of our next release, an EP entitled "Helm". We may even be bringing a few copies for the people at our upcoming shows. Stay tuned for more info, and be sure to contact us directly for tickets to our show this Saturday, because we can give you a better price then the door.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

iTunes fixed "Hidden Sea Cure:a Tea"/New Sampler circling
iTunes has now fixed "Hidden Sea Cure:a Tea" on the M T Space EP. However, it is still available for FREE download over on our page.
We have also just started circulating a new sampler around the Nor Cal area. It is already at a lot of record stores locations, up front where you can grab it for FREE as well. It has 3 songs on it, "Phobialairs" off the Helm EP we are about to release, "Al.Most.Fa.Mous." off Seamsan Over., and "My Closure" off M T Space. Limited #'s so be sure to keep your eyes open for it at our shows at the merch table also.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

amendment to Knuckleheads show
So the show was fun, the Oregon band Volifonix was awesome, and the 3 metal bands were good.
Thanks to Heather, and all the OG 9E Crew in Reno/Sparks.

Friday, July 31, 2009

73109 Knuckleheads Reno NV
It's kind of breaking the rules but here is the set we are going to play tonight at Knuckleheads. We just found out that When Echos Fail isn't going to make it, but we will update this tomorrow after the show as well.
Terra Firma/Phobialairs/Search/Gone, Compromise/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Silent Bride/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./SKRape/Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease)-The Guessing Game/Gailleann
There it is, let's see if it remains intact from changes.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot Topic Yuba City 7/30
In the Fog/Questions/Gailleann/Bumblebea/The Guessing Game-My Closure/Search/29
Thanks to all who came out to this acoustic show! We will try to find a cool venue near Yuba City to play a full electric set at soon...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hidden Sea Cure:a Tea on iTunes Current mood: miserable For some reason iTunes cut the 50 or so seconds off "Hidden Sea Cure:a Tea". While this is good conceptually with the theme of the song, we have already sent word to them to fix it. Until then you can download the full song for FREE over at our page. Thanks,

Monday, July 27, 2009

M T Space info Current mood: triumphant Hidden Sea Cure:a Tea - 2004 was written about not letting your chosen scapegoat hold you back. Jake's perspective.
Embolis (longform) -2001 1 of the early 9E songs. About a man who committed suicide and watches his girlfriend at his own funeral follow in his footsteps. A very cinematic track.
My Closure - 2002 a song about a broken relentionship. Chris' perspective.

Monday, July 27, 2009

M T Space now available on iTunes! It tis LIVE!
M T Space is now available on iTUnes for $2.97, or each track for $.99

Monday, July 27, 2009

9E Info Current mood: hot As some of you may have already noticed, big things are afoot for Nine Even.
Our 1st cross country tour.
Digital EP "M T Space" is now available.
Physical/Digital EP "Helm" will be available soon.
New drummer Scott Garrett has joined the fold.
More merch on the way.
New songs moving into the set, older songs alternating in and out of rest.
More on the way...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zia Records 7/24 set Current mood: tested Bumblebea/Gailleann/Gone, Compromise/Phobialairs/Search/Silent Bride/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/SKRape/The Guessing Game/Terra Firma
Thanks again to Danny and all at Zia Records!

Monday, July 20, 2009

7/19 Glendale, CO Current mood: drained Silent Bride/SKRape/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Gailleann/Phobialairs/Search/Gone, Compromise/Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease)/The Guessing Game/Terra Firma

Sunday, July 19, 2009

7/18 Federal Heights, CO Current mood: bouncy
Hidden Sea Cure:A Tease-The Guessing Game/Gailleann/Phobialairs/Search/Gone, Compromise/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./SKRape
Special thanks to Cypher, Whisper Fiercely, and Lostpoint. Can't wait to do it again!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Buffalo Rose 7/16 Current mood: thirsty We played -
Silent Bride/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./SKRape/Phobialairs/Search/Gone, Compromise/Hidden Sea Cure (A Tease) - The Guessing Game/Terra Firma
This was also the 1st onstage appearance of the new face on the drum throne - Mr. Scott Garrett. We look forward to what the future holds!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Be warned that the new tracks we have just uploaded at myspace are not encoded versions. They will be updated asap when we have the encoded versions. We know people have been waiting for some new stuff so we put these up to wet the palette (or whatever) if there is some cymbal smearing or other digitizing-ness that is why. We also uploaded a demo version of an old song, named "sus" (it's means Suspended). These will be the lead off track on our next full length album in 2010, and will NOT have the drum machine on the album version. This is just a sketch, but again after all the waiting, here is something else to tide you over. We are finishing up the artwork for Helm. M T Space should be available for those who want to digitally download and trip out to it by 8/15. As soon as it's live, we will post about it. Thanks for tuning in, and we will see you live soon, NINE EVEN

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know we are currently in the process of booking a lot more shows. We hope to see as many people out there as we can over the next few months. Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here is a list of radio stations that have recently added NINE EVEN or are about to. Please feel free to request us on them if you are in that area. Some of them have a specific format (i.e. Jazz, Instrumental, etc) so please request tracks that are suited to that format (Jazz = Bumblebea, Instrumental = tribalsong, Alt Rock = Search, Metal = Al.Most.Fa.Mous. and so on). Thanks to everyone listening and requesting us. More to be added soon -
WKKL 90.7 in W. Barnstable, MA
WRHO 89.7 in Onenota, NY
WIXQ 91.7 in Millersville, PA
WKWZ 88.5 in Syosset, NY
WLFR 91.7 in Pomona, NJ
WUSM 88.5 in Hattiesburg, MS
CJUM in Winnipag, MAN (Canada)
KALA 88.5 in Davenport, IA
KANM 99.9 cable FM in TX
KAPU 104.7 in Azusa, CA
KASB 89.3 in Bellevue, WA
KAUR 89.1 in Sioux Falls, SD
KBHU 89.1 in Spearfish, SD
KCOU 88.1 in Columbia, MO
KCUR 89.3 in Kansas City, MO
KDNK 88.1 in Glenwood Springs, CO
KFAI 90.3 in Minneapolis, MN
KFJC 89.7 in Los Altos Hills, CA
KFKX 90.1 in Hastings, NE
KGFN 89.1 in El Cajon, CA
KGFK 1440 AM in Cedar Falls, IA
KHNS 102.3 in Haines, AK
KJAK 92.7 in Flagstaff, AZ
KKSM 1320 AM in San Marcos, CA
KLCR in Dubuque, IA (this may be Internet radio, we need more info on it)
KLPI 89.1 in Ruston, LA
KNOM 96.1 in Nome, AK
KOHS 91.7 in Orem, UT
KUNI 90.9 in Cedar Falls, IA
KUOI 89.3 in Moscow, ID
KUWS 91.3 in Superior, WI
KVDU in Denver, CO (appears to be Internet)
KSMU 90.1 in Moab, UT
WAIH 90.3 in Potsdam, NY
WBIM 91.5 in Bridgewater, MA
WBTN 94.3 in Bennington, VT
WBUL 98.1 in Lexington, KY
WBWC 88.3 in Berea, OH
WCVF 88.9 in Fredonia, NY
WDCV 88.3 in Carlisle, PA WDOM 91.3 in Providence, R
I WECI 91.5 in Richmond, IN
WGLS 89.7 in Glassboro, NJ
WHRC in Haverford, PA (Internet)
WLHS 89.9 in West Chester, OH
WLIU 88.3 in Southampton, NY
WMHW 91.5 in Mount Pleasent, MI
WMPG 90.9 in Gorham, ME
WMSC 90.3 in Upper Montclair, NJ
WMUR in Milwaukee, WI (Internet)
WQKE in 93.9 in Plattsburgh, NY
A lot of these are college stations we definietely give thanks to those who play us! More coming tomorrow.

Teusday, May 19, 2009

Some of the people we have let hear the mixed but unmastered version of our upcoming "Helm" EP have been mentioning that it seems like we have expanded our range with this new EP. We are grateful for the kind words, and can't wait to see the general public's reaction to the album.
To clarify how the NE's song history has gone down, I thought we should give everyone a general idea again of when these songs were written, and how it may be best to track our development as we have gone -
1996-1998 This is when I starting writing music for a project that was still nameless at that point. I had yet to meet the other members of NE, and I spent my time learning to play along to Smashing Pumpkins and Tool CD's. These songs were written then, some you may know, some you will in the future -
Search Helpless to Resist Walk Out There (With Me) Theme Dyfenik (More Bad Thoughts) Finale Terra Firma Jade Madison
1999-2000 In the time between '96 and '99 I worked on a lot of stuff, but the majority of that material isn't NE worthy. Here are a few stand outs that we have brought in over the years.
Temples of Solomon Silent Bride Gailleann My Will Be Done Delusions of Failure En-trance Benefits Benefits Reprise New Genesis
2001-2003 During this time we were starting Nine Even up, and really began our search for a solid line-up (which of course still continues, thank you drummers). These songs were the real beginnings of NE combined with the ones you see here from before.
sus In the Fog SKRape tribalsong Embolis (longform) 29 Gone, Compromise Halopaint My Closure Dying a Little Bit Each Day O.T.U. Hidden Sea Cure:A Tea Old Man in Passing
2004-2006 This was a period of long distance collaboration. Chris was in Germany, Mike and I were here. These are some of the songs that sprang forth -
Away KcarKcrash The Man on the Door Bailaoch Caoin TX=The State of Stolen Futures Cambridge Delerium Phobialairs Fate's Freedom Last Day She Saw Friend of a Friend
2007-2009 We really started picking up steam here, with Jay coming into the fold. These are some of the songs we have begun working on or finished lately -
Bumblebea Questions Al.Most.Fa.Mous. The Guessing Game A Cure for Dreams (Don't Sleep) One Hundred Percent Glow and Shimmer Beyond the Norm Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer) Detour to Oblivion Roll the Tape
There are more, but the main reason I wanted to post this is because I wanted to remind people that along this long road we have walked, many songs have been put on the shelf until such a time as we could get to them. Some of the stuff we are about to release, for example, dates back quite a while. Some of it's brand new. Much like "Seamsan Over." we have to go through the shelf and pull the ones out that time has decided to smile on. If you listen to our music with a more chronological approach like this, our style might seem a little more seamless. Just a thought for any that may want to listen to iTunes playlists or whatever.
We are currently also remixing our 1st album "Seamsan Over." for a rerelease eventually. We are planning on putting some of the remixes out before then, with some of the leftover Bsides/alternate versions we have laying around. RadioStar Studios rocked big time for us on "Helm", and that's why we have decided to remix the 1st album - because it's sounds even better.

Teusday, May 22, 2009

We will be playing this Friday up in Reno at Knuckleheads. There will be a few set change ups coming, as we will be pulling out a song we have not played live in a few years, but just recorded for the "Helm" EP. That song is named "Phobialairs". A few other songs we haven't played in Reno yet will be unearthed as well. Keep checking in, as we are adding shows, and some other designs for merch as we get them. Thanks,

Teusday, May 5, 2009

As we type copies of "Seamsan Over." are being delivered to many radio stations across the country via a promotion company we are working with, named Powderfinger Promotions. We will be watching our sites and seeing where the people are checking in from, so we can play live in their/your areas soon. We are planning another trip out to the surrounding states in July/August, and then further out in September after the "Helm" EP is released. More plans are coming with bsides/leftovers/remixes/alternate versions being released between now and Christmas. We should have the "Gone, Compromise" tshirt posted up here tomorrow. We will probably begin selling the limited edition shirts exclusively online, because we can't bring that much merch to shows (other bands are getting pissed for taking up too much merch space). Keep posted as we are constantly updating little things here, there (, and everywhere (,

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I have a few touch ups left to do to "29" today mix-wise, but all is ready. "Helm"'s tracking will be done today, and then it's off to mastering, and into production. It's been a great week up here in Weed, CA. I/we would like to take the time to thank Sylvia Massey, and all up here at RadioStar for a great experiance, and most directly Wade, our faithful engineer. He has helped us see this project through to fruition, and it sounds great. If you are another band reading this, we wholeheartedly suggest you try RadioStar out, and ask for Wade. Also, special thanks goes to Matt Erich, the owner/opearator of EME Studios in Sacramento. We demo'd all the songs there (and many more), and he came along for the ride up here as well. Lots of tips, and moral support. We thank him, and ask where would the Sacramento music "scene" be without him? Thanks for reading, and let's play some shows!

Friday, April 24, 2009

We will be updating throughout the week, as we record the songs for our upcoming 4 song EP. We are trying to book as many shows as we can for after the recording. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to book Nine Even, or play with Nine Even. All of you play who want us to come to your cities, please message us or leave comments. We do read all of them. Nine Even is currently branching out to a lot of new places, and we want to know where to head to first. Noth, South, East, West, we want to go amke some new friends, and play some great shows. We are grateful for all those requesting us on the radio as well. Please continue to do so. Thanks, and we hope to post again tomorrow, Internet connection willing.

Teusday, April 21, 2009

Jake recently did an interview with an online webzine, here is the link It's a pretty cool page, so please stop by to check it out.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We just wanted to post a quick blog. Next week we will be heading up to Weed, CA to record 4 songs for our upcoming release on 09/09/09. We will be recording at RadioStar Studios up there, with a good friend of ours named Matt Erich from EME Studios in Sacramento. The songs are all ones we have played live at one time or another, "Phobialairs" (which we haven't played live in a few years, but will be adding back in soon), "The Guessing Game", "Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)", and "29". Originally we were going to record another song instead of "The Guessing Game", called "KcarKcrash", but decided to save that for the future, and record this one for this EP instead. This will not be the only recording we will be doing in the near future, as we are already planning another album to be recorded/released in 2010 as well. More info on that when the time comes... We will be playing a show this upcoming Saturday in the Sacramento area, and then on Tuesday in San Francisco. There has been some questions on that show, but we are working out the details right now. Then it will time to restring the guitars, change the drumheads, and coil the cables for recording time!!! As you may have also read, we have a few other leftover tracks we are still sitting on as well. We are considering our best options on releasing those, but they will be released by the time this EP is available. These 3 songs show a little more of the experimental side of the band then "Seamsan Over." did. They are a little more soundtrack-y and spacey. Until then keep posted on our ever increasing range of merch. We will be on a few merch sites soon to make the stuff more readily available. Keep in mind that the limited edition tshirts we are doing for each song on "Seamsan Over." are only being printed in runs of 100 each at this point, and sizes are limited. If you are looking at getting your favorite song's matching shirt contact us, and we will make it happen. We will probably do another limited run of the shirts at the end as a combo deal for all 12, with some kind of bonus. Anyways, all will be coming soon... As always we want to hear from everyone on how they liked our live show, what's their favorite song, and where they want us to come play. GO SUNFISH!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

We have uploaded 4 songs to our page, along with their limited edition tshirt art. "Search", "In the Fog", "Silent Bride", and "Bumblebea" are all there. In case you haven't noticed, we are creating limited edition tshirts for each of the songs on Seamsan Over. 4 are currently posted here, and the "Search" shirt is already available at our merch table. The other 3, and all the rest will be available soon. Also, we keep getting asked so here is how the titles are pronounced (you can guess some of them) Seamsan Over. (seem son over period, it means hesitation over period) SKRape (scrape) Gailleann (gil lee ann) Al.Most.Fa.Mous. (almost famous) Bumblebea (bumble bee) Terra Firma (tear a firm a, it means solid ground) And the new song that people keep asking about - Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer) this is the actual song title, and it will be recorded along with Phobialairs, The Guessing Game, and 29 just 2 weeks from now for a 09/09/09 release date. The title is said like - "Risk or Gambit (whichever you prefer)" which means you can actually call it "Risk", "Gambit", "Risk-k (Risque)", whatever you want to call it. The "risque" is just to mess with people, as is the rest of the title. In the mybook facespace world people make up their own minds about things, so you can choose your own title for it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mark Gilmore played "Search" on Local Licks last night, and we want to remind everyone to request us via his email address - For more info on Local Licks, check out, under the features tab. It will link to a page that includes all the playlists. 98 Rock is 98.5 on the dial in the Nor Cal region. More big things on the way, so stay tuned...

Monday, March 23, 2009

We are apparently listed in Fringe magazine, as a band to know. Obviously most of you already "know" us or about us, but please feel free to go check out Fringe mag, and leave some comments. Thanks to Fringe magazine, for listing us. See everyone live this Friday.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

305 Inside the Greek Isles Casino setlist Terra Firma/Search/Gone, Compromise/The Guessing Game/Delusions of Failure/Gailleann/Bumblebea/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/My Will Be Done/SKRape/In the Fog/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./Temples of Solomon Thanks again to all our friends who came out. We will see you again soon, and special thanks to BobFisk. You RAWK!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Buffalo Rose Setlist- Delusions of Failure/Search/Gone, Compromise/segue/The Guessing Game/29/Gailleann/Bumblebea/In the Fog/SKRape/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./Temples of Solomon Thanks again to the Buffalo Rose, the people of Golden CO, and all at Jimmy Johns and all the other local stores who welcomed us. See you again soon

Teusday, March 17, 2009

Seamsan Over available in Fort Collins! If you want to pick up a copy of "Seamsan Over." in Fort Collins, you can just head down to The Finest 1129 W Elizabeth St, Fort Collins, CO 80521 or Rock 'N' Robin's 804 S College Ave Fort Collins, CO, 80524 both now have copies in stock, or can order more once they have sold out. We will definitely be coming back to Fort Collins soon. Thanks again to everyone for the warm welcome, and don't forget that if you want to make the drive down to Golden, CO on 3/19 we will be playing the Buffalo Rose there. Thanks again,

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gailleann/Gone, Compromise/Search/segue/The Guessing Game/Delusions of Failure/My Will Be Done/SKRape/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./Temples of Solomon Thanks to Nick, and Hodi's for having us. Thanks to OPC (Other Peoples Children) for giving a HUGE CO welcome. We are very grateful to all, including the people over at the Cork as well. See you again soon, NINE EVEN

Monday, March 16, 2009

Knuckleheads setlist- Search/Gone, Compromise/Gailleann/Bumblebea/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/In the Fog/My Will Be Done/Delusions of Failure/Terra Firma Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Knuckleheads for having us.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So here we are on our way up to Reno for a rockin show with Local Favorites PUSHBoX. If you our in the area, come check out a awesome show. We'll keep you updated with antics on the road. Word. Chris

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cheers Setlist Bumblebea/Gailleann/Gone, Compromise/Search/segue/The Guessing Game/29/Shame (The Smashing Pumpkins tease)-In the Fog/Terra Firma Great show, thanks to everyone who came out to Cheers tonight and rawked the house with us. Our merch table again got a little thinner, and our roadies were fed for one more night. Thanks again, and see you Sat at Knuckleheads in Reno. It will be a great show as well.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Marilyn's Setlist- Silent Bride/SKRape/My Will Be Done/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Search/segue/The Guessing Game/Gone, Compromise/29/Al.Most,Fa.Mous./Temples of Solomon Thanks to Marilyn's and everyone came out. Our new merch is moving fast, and it looks like a reorder will be in need soon, so grab them while they are hot!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kennel Club Setlist- My Will Be Done/SKRape/Search/Gone, Compromise/The Guessing Game/Al.Most.Fa.Mous./Temples of Solomon Thanks to everyone who came out to us see at the Kennel Club. It was a great show, and we hope to see you all again soon. We will be playing a couple of Sacramento area shows this month, 3/11 (next Wednesday) in downtown at Marilyn's on K. Then in the suburbs at Ugly's 3/27. Please check our show calendar for more info. At both of these shows we will be pulling out a couple of surprises, so be prepared for a couple of new/old songs not heard lately/ever before live. Thanks again



Thursday, March 5, 2009

We just got a whole bunch of new merch yesterday, and will be bringing it tomorrow night (Friday 3/6) to our show at the Kennel Club in Sacramento, which is the backroom/club inside the Doghouse Saloon on Auburn Blvd. We will be loading pictures here on soon, and adding to our paypal store over the next week or so. Sizes supplies are semi-limited so be sure to come out and get something before we run out again.
Merch on sale at NINE EVEN live shows - all sizes go between small to 4x (except Raglan/Hoodies which only go to 3x and Baby Dolls/Spaghetti Strap shirts which are Size 1-3 and XL as well.)
new standard NINE EVEN logo tshirts (Black shirt w/yellow/red/white logo)
old standard NINE EVEN logo tshirts (Black shirt w/yellow/grey/white logo)
"Search" tshirt (Red shirt w/yellow artwork on it)
Baby Doll/Spaghetti strap shirt (black shirt w/red/yellow/white logo)
pullover hoodie NINE EVEN logo (Black w/yellow/red/white logo)
zipper hoodie NINE EVEN box logo over heart area (Black w/yellow/red/white logo)
"Seamsan Over." album cover longsleeve (Navy shirt w/album cover on front)
spray paint NINE EVEN logo raglan shirt (baseball/ 3 quarters sleeve black sleeves/logo, white chest area)
"Seamsan Over." limited edition containing 2 bonus tracks is still available in limited quantities as well.
"Seamsan Over." CD (14 songs) $9 or 2 for $15
all TShirts $15 or 2 for $25
longsleeves/raglan $20 or 2 for $35
hoodies $25 or 2 for $45
TShirt/CD combo $20
Longsleeve/CD combo $25
Hoodie/CD combo $30
We will also have plenty of FREE stickers, and a limited amount of FREE promo samplers containing 3 tracks (Search/Bumblebea/SKRape) from "Seamsan Over."
Thanks to CDBaby we also can now accept card payments. We have a card impression swiper, so if you brought the card but not cash, we can still fill your shopping needs!
Thanks, and we will see you out there at shows soon,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chris and Jake will be heading to Vegas this weekend to see the last show Josh Freese will be playing with Nine Inch Nails, so the myspace here will be probably not get updated until Monday. Feel free to contact us with comments, or questions you may have. Thanks to everyone who is contacting us about doing some artwork for us. We will be responding to everyone this next week.

Monday December 08, 2008

Going in tomorrow to work on a few more things. Delusions of Failure/Embolis (longform)/Hidden Sea Cure:A Tea/Dying a Little Bit Each Day/New Genesis/Detour to Oblivion/more. All getting closer to further live viewing/recording next year.

We are still hoping to have the "Search" video posted by Christmas. If not, then shortly after.

If you are out there shopping for presents, for whatever holiday you may be celebrating, keep in mind your friends here at NE HQ. We still do have some TShirts, and the original pressing of Seamsan Over. left for holiday orders. Also, ITunes are still offering the album 9.99 as well. They make great stocking stuffers, or hard drive stuffers, or whatever. More news soon,

Monday December 08, 2008

Thanks again to everyone who has bought/ordered/sported a NINE EVEN tshirt. The first yellow on black design order we have been selling is already running out/already gone in many sizes, so a reorder is due before anymore shows. Note to anyone who is ordering/thinking about ordering: Our turn around time is still pretty fast, but if we are out of your size(s) we will still get them out to you as soon as we receive the next shipment. Along with this reorder, we will be getting another few designs we have been working on. These sold pretty fast, so it looks like we will have to order more this time. To anyone who wants to design/submit a design/work with us on some ideas we have/know someone who wants to do some tshirt artwork (paid), please contact us. We are looking for good visual artists, and already have some cool shirt ideas that we would like to have someone great draw/paint up for us.

Monday December 08, 2008

Thanks for stopping by. We are trying to spread the word of Nine Even to as many people as we can right now, and we are grateful for you stopping by to listen and read of/about/for us.

Be sure to check out our own site over at, it has more links to the many other sites we are on right now,,,,,, ITunes, and many more.

We also have tshirts available here at myspace, or at our own site, as well as our album, "Seamsan Over.". For any who are wondering about what the title means - it means hesitation in Gaelic. So translated album title is - "Hesitation Over Period". We have been getting asked this a lot, and wanted to clarify. "Gailleann" is also Gaelic, and you can find out more about what it means in our old blogs here at myspace.

We are working on many things right now, more TShirt designs, a "Search" video, more shows, more recording, more info to read for those who want it...all of this and more will be coming soon.

Thanks again,

Monday December 08, 2008

Just so people start reading/knowing some song titles, here are some of the tracks we are working right now. Some of them have been played live over the years, some demo'ed, some lurking around waiting to pounce, and some brand new.

My Closure/Embolis (longform)/Hidden Sea Cure:A Tea/Terror Train Thru the Oriental Landscape/Phobialairs/KcarKcrash/29/sus/O.T.U./Last Day She Saw/Decay in Sanity Chapter V - Reclaim and Reunite/Decay in Sanity Chapter VII - Dyfenik (More Bad Thoughts)/One Hundred Percent/The Guessing Game/Fate's Freedom/Halopaint/Delusions of Failure/Away/Old/New Genesis/Prymal/Jade Madison/Detour to Oblivion/Roll the Tape/The Fall/Risque or Gambit (whichever you prefer)/Dying a Little Bit Each Day/KINGFELIX/Decay in Sanity Chapter XII - Walk Out There (With Me)/Decay in Sanity Chapter XIII - Finale/Decay in Sanity Chapter I - Theme/Peephole to the Outside/TX=The State of Stolen Futures/A Cure for Dreams (Don't Sleep)/Cambridge Delerium/Bailaoch Caoin/The Man on the Door/Ghosts Over Sweden/Man in Passing/and many more............

Monday, November 30, 2008

We are still hard at work over here at NINE EVEN HQ getting the "Search" video wrapped up, and working on the details for a PODCAST/live performance shoot. We are also working on more live shows/touring plans to promote "Seamsan Over.". Tshirts designs are still floating around as well. We are also looking at starting work on recording every NE song we have banked. We have been saving many a song over the years for eventual release, and are gearing up to get them in all in top form for recording. The main motivation for this, is because we have been around for going on 7 years now, and want to show everyone more of the songs we have laying around. Some of the songs go back before NE was formed in Jan. '02. Some have been played live over the years, but we haven't got an album version of those songs out there for the public yet. Overall we probably have about 5 or 6 full albums worth of material, in various stages of completion, that we will be dusting, shining, and recording for all to hear. More info as we go, but expect the ones we've been playing live sooner then later.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Working on demos for "The Guessing Game", "One Hundred Percent", "Delusions of Failure", "sus", and a few other things tomorrow. Also editing the "Search" video some more. In case any of you haven't stopped by over there yet, our site, has been having some changes lately. Including FREE downloads of "Search", "Al.Most.Fa.Mous.", and the acoustic "Gailleann" for a limited time. Consider them early holiday gifts. More on the way...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cheers setlist

Setlist 11/13/08 Cheers Vacaville, CA

Terra Firma/Delusions of Failure/Search/Gone, Compromise/Gailleann/My Will Be Done

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show. We hope to be back at Cheers soon.


Thursday, November 06, 2008


Changes are coming...

Wanted to post something about that which has transpired over the last few days. Change will be coming, more then many realize. Some good, some bad. In a perfect world, those who would want or benefit from it should contribute to it. Let's hope someone decides to make small changes for the better in any way they can.

Until then we still have music to lift our spirits, and raise our fists to.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Upcoming Stuff -

Just so everyone knows our upcoming plans -

First off - Our Cheers show coming up a week from Thursday in Vacaville. This will be a fun show we have been waiting to play. Hope to see you there.

"Search" video. We have some last min. pickup scenes to film, then this will be going up to view as many places as possible.

"Gailleann" Single. This will have several bonus tracks on it, including the mix of "Gailleann" currently available exclusively on our page, the mix of "Terra Firma" currently found only right here at, the non-Album track "My Closure" premiered live last month, and a new ReMix of "My Will Be Done". More details on this soon.

Full transcripts of "Seamsan Over." on our homepage, as well as full studio breakdowns of what we used to record this album. This will be great for our archives, and for any tech geeks out there wanting to know what guitar/mics/pedals we used where. We may do some sort of video guide through the caverns of our storage/rehersel units as well, for further geekiness.

A full live set concert that we will be filming for Podcast/youtube, so anyone, anywhere can see as well as hear the Nine Even energy no matter where they, or we are.

2 more videos for "Seamsan Over." tracks "Silent Bride", and "Al.Most.Fa.Mous." as soon as they are completed.

Of course, many more live shows, and if we have our way with it, a full tour to promote this album next year.

We are also already working on more material to be recorded shortly after we get said tour underway.

Thanks again to all the people who have been checking us out, from near or far, here or there. Have no fear, somehow, someway Nine Even will make it to wherever you are out there eventually. Until then we are just a homestereo, set of headphones, IPod, or pirate radio station away.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New people checking us out/Album title translations

Thanks for stopping by. We are trying to spread the word of Nine Even to as many people as we can right now, and we are grateful for you stopping by to listen and read of/about/for us.

Be sure to check out our own site over at, it has more links to the many other sites we are on right now,,,,,, ITunes, and many more.

We also have tshirts available here at myspace, or at our own site, as well as our album, "Seamsan Over.". For any who are wondering about what the title means - it means hesitation in Gaelic. So translated album title is - "Hesitation Over Period". We have been getting asked this a lot, and wanted to clarify. "Gailleann" is also Gaelic, and you can find out more about what it means in our old blogs here at myspace.

We are working on many things right now, more TShirt designs, a "Search" video, more shows, more recording, more info to read for those who want it...all of this and more will be coming soon.

Thanks again,



P.S. go buy the new Secret Machines album. (After you get Seamsan Over.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Talk talk talk

There has been plenty of talk around the watercooler at Nine Even headquarters about many upcoming ideas or ideas for ideas...acoustic EPs...videos...electronic EPs...more shows...and at the moment we are analyzing the ideas. More news on the way soon.

"Search" video is almost done, so please keep checking back by here to see it when it arrives.

As you may have also seen, you can now buy Nine Even merch here, and at my main site More stuff on the way there as well.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Setlist 10/4/08 Ugly’s Citrus Heights CA

Silent Bride

My Will Be Done

In the Fog


Gone, Compromise

Climbing Up the Walls (Radiohead cover done NE style)




more tomorrow....good nite


Sunday, October 05, 2008

Setlist 10/4/08 Ugly's Citrus Heights CA

Silent Bride

My Will Be Done

In the Fog


Gone, Compromise

Climbing Up the Walls (Radiohead cover done NE style)





Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just wanted to remind everyone of our upcoming shows.

Next Saturday October 4th

Ugly's in Citrus Heights.

...and in a few weeks Thursday November 14th

Cheers in Vacaville.

We will be doing bulletins throughout the week to keep these shows on the front page of the mind's eye.

We will again be playing with Mr. Bob McClain. Also, there will be a few surprises in the setlist, for those who got to check out the last few shows.


Monday, September 15, 2008

Many of you have been asking about the TShirts we have in stock right now. At the moment we have black 50/50 tshirts with our yellow/grey/white logo on it. Sizes vary between Small and 4X, but are limited in quantity. More will appear at our shows, and soon at as well. Ringers/Long sleeves are next on the agenda. Colors/Suggestions are always welcome on these matters, so please feel free to comment here on what you would like to see in the way of merch at NE shows.

Also, a quick commercial shout out goes to They have been the source of our stickers/shirts, and will continue to be. If any other bands are reading this, we suggest you check them out.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friend of a Friend/Bumblebea/Gailleann/Gone, Compromise/Search/In the Fog/My Will Be Done/Silent Bride/Terra Firma

A NE first in that we played the same set 2 days in a row.

Special thanks to Mr.Bob McClain for guesting with us on Drums for these shows. Some of you have noticed the drummer we have been playing with for the last 10 months (Cameron English), who moved on due to school plans/and all the usual reasons why someone wouldn't want to leave their comfort zone for 10 months at a time. But....we don't have that choice. The music of Nine Even has driven us for a long time now, and will continue to do so for even longer. So no smack talking here (that will be done behind closed doors), we wish him well, and can't wait for the next addition to the picture we have only just begun. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to these shows. We hope to see you soon with more TShirt designs, videos, BSides, and all the other great stuff we have been working on over the last few months.



Sunday, September 07, 2008

More recording was done today for some more bsides that we will be putting out some time in the future. "My Closure" is almost done, and the acoustic version of "In the Fog" as well.

Just wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming shows as well. Please check out our show dates here on myspace. As we already said we will be having a guest playing with us on these 2 shows. Hope to see everyone there.



Saturday, August 30, 2008

We will many of them. We will have TSHIRTS for sale at the 300 Club show September 12th, and from there on. The "Search" video has been started. Recording of new/old bside "My Closure" is underway. We will be having a guest for the next few shows. More info coming soon...

 Saturday, August 23, 2008

We received them yesterday. More on the way, but you can buy this first run for $15 a shirt at any of the shows we have coming up, or contact us and we will get some to you. Store in construction @ Also if anyone wants to buy the shirt, and a copy of "Seamsan Over." (normally $9 by itself) we will sell you a combo deal of both for $20. Thanks, and see everyone soon,


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lots of stuff actually. Most of it work related. Working on more new songs (to be premiered in upcoming shows?...I guess we will find out) for one. Generating money for touring mostly though. We will say more when we can, but the clutches of Hell will soon be holding us no more.

 Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As you can see, we have been busy working on the website - ( - and booking more shows. Right now we have Sept. 12th and 13th oming in the Sacramento area - both FREE shows - as well as a show in Citrus Heights Oct. 4th. More details on all these shows are on the way to you as soon as we get them.

More shows on the way, including some really cool bigger ones. Shush...don't tell anyone...



Saturday, August 02, 2008

If anyone wants to check it out we have now posted our EPK (Electronic Press Kit) up over at our homesite in the Contacts tab.


Friday, August 01, 2008

...since our last blog. Don't worry - many things are afoot in the world of NE. Be sure to check out for "Search", and "SKRape". We will have some big news/more shows very soon.

News Updates